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This commercial park contains four 100,000 NRA building for a total of 400,000 NRA. This property is conveniently located at the intersection of Hwy 511 & 48 in the City o.....

Two-one story tilt wall buildings. Building #1 lease 100% to State of Texas. Building #2 leased to multi tenants. Located near the IH-35 and Slaughter Lane interchange in sout.....

The Village at Cedar Park, a 20,135 sq.ft. retail center located at 700 East Whitestone Blvd, Cedar Park, Texas. This property was completed in 2008, current tenants include T.....

Expressway Plaza is a 26,218 square foot shopping center located next to Wal-mart. Tenants include Twin Liquors, Subway, GNC and Cash Advance. Property also contain pad site f.....

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27,500 square foot retail and office warehouse building located at 1202 FM 685, Pflugerville, Texas. Current tenants include two restaurants, cleaners, day spa, and office use.....

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